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Authored by Bekka M.

In my experience the most enjoyable 'norty' couples game has certain distinct qualities...

1. It has an easy method of intensely increasing sexual tension that's built into the rules and structure of the game so that literally anyone can do it;

2. It leans heavily on sexual innuendo but also incorporates a sometimes overt physical component that is easily escalated;

3. It has an element of variation and surprise to it so that it's always fresh and exciting every time you play it;

So with this in mind I set about putting a decidedly 'adults only' twist on a tried and true favorite... Truth or Dare.

How I Took It From Mild To Eye-Openingly Wild...

My man was quite eager to play, I think he knew it was an amazing opportunity for us to bond as it were, but I was just a tiny bit apprehensive. 

For me especially it needed to be comfortable the whole way through and not hot and heavy right off the bat.

In short, it needed to go from mild to wild organically, it just wasn't going to work if we jumped directly into the naughty stuff.

To achieve this I created a super long list of both 'questions' and 'dares', and these ranged from completely non-sexual to overtly sexual.

This allowed me and my man to very comfortably start off easy and slowly work up to the more raunchy stuff. without being apprehensive about having to come up with out own ideas right on the spot... which is extremely difficult for many of us!

We could pick and choose from the list the ones that piqued our interest and could quickly and effortlessly increase the sexual tension and closeness by selecting the appropriate questions and dares, and for us it works perfectly every time!

We're always thinking of new questions and dares to add into the game to keep it fresh as well, but truth be told we often don't get through too many of them in any one game before we're off to the races πŸ˜‰, so the list will last us for ages.

And while you can certainly DIY, don't stress about making your own list of questions and dares, I've got an opportunity further into this article for you to get my very own comprehensive pre-made list.

Here's what my friend Kaitlyn had to say after she tried out my pre-made list with her man of seven years...

Bekka your list is spot on, I followed your advice and it was ridiculously easy to start off tame and comfortably build up the heat. Absolutely no doubt I'll be drawing from your list again! haha

Kaitlyn A.

Store Manager, U.S.

No Awkward Moments, Just An Easy Fun Method Of Escalating The Pleasure

As I mentioned just prior, having a huge list of questions and dares that really did range from mild to wild and everything in between, really helped make us totally at ease in every way (other than the increasing sexual tension, but that's exactly what we wanted! πŸ˜‰).

We could both confidently keep escalating the raunchiness of the game without being apprehensive about having to come up with our own ideas right on the spot... which is extremely difficult for many of us!

And the best part is that it was effortless to move from a purely verbal game with distance between us to incorporating a very low level of initial physical intimacy.

I also found that once the physical dares started that our heart rates when up fast, and so did the raunchy nature of the dares.

In all honesty it still makes me giggle to think of how fast we went from starting to play what is a very basic game to being ready to get between the sheets in no uncertain terms.

And this is all before we even mixed it up with variations to make it so much hotter, but more on that soon...

Rachel below had this to say about her experience...

I can't get over how simple it was to get the game to a point where we were both physically aroused (and physically intimate!) and ready for more, creating a properly organised list to start with works wonders and it's the most fun we've had in years!

Rachel V.

Vet Nurse, U.K.

How I Kept It Fresh And New For Repeated Fun...

This is where things got exciting, which is saying something after how well our initial couple of games ended.

I brainstormed a number of ways to vary the game in a manner that would make it even racier, and these ideas certainly didn't disappoint!

We started off by creating questions and dares that lent themselves perfectly for text message use, which allowed us to start the game early without having to be physically with each other at all.

Just let your mind wander as to how naughty and risquΓ© that might get and you'll get a sense for why we found it so much fun and a perfect build-up!

Again, don't stress too much about creating your own specific questions and dares, you'll have the opportunity to get my detailed list of them for yourself further down.

Then I devised some ways to alter the game so that we were much more on the edge of our seat...

This included taking the choice of 'truth' or 'dare' away from the player so they are forced to give more risquΓ© responses, and we also incorporated an intensity building forced-out-of-reach or mandatory-no-touch rule which always ends with well and truly breaking all the rules. πŸ˜‰

Penalties You Want To Get...

BUT... there's always a get out of jail free card in case the person simply doesn't want to comply with a question or dare for whatever reason.

However they don't get out of it that easily...

I came up with a number of Truth or Dare 'Penalties' that, while challenging in a fun way, were acceptable to us both and heightened the chemistry between us to keep the game moving along perfectly.

In fact sometimes the penalties were so good we intentionally skipped turns!

Here's what a subscriber had to say about an early-bird release of my couples guide...

You were right lol the penalties add another dimension of fun, I think half the time we wanted the penalties more than the dares! And the props ideas to use where gold πŸ™‚

Malvina M.

Office Worker, Canada

How To Try It All Out For Yourself...

After letting some of my girl friends try out my Truth or Dare list and variations on the game it was evident that the bits and pieces I gave them were proving popular.

From their feedback there was no doubt that they were getting some of the most sensual, erotic and mind-blowing sexual encounters they'd had in a very long time.

So I decided to create an easy to use and detailed package that anyone could access of everything I'd come up with and enjoyed that...

Here's What To Expect In My "Couples Guide"...

My Truth or Dare Guide Includes:

  • 1
    All The Thinking Done For You: literally hundreds of questions and dares, with everything from mild options through to raunchy questions and dares to make your eyes go wide!
  • 2
    Multiple SEXY Truth or Dare Variations: the only resource available that lists a full SIX hot Truth or Dare variations for couples to really turn up the heat!
  • 3
    Structured Sexual Tension Build-up: with everything you need to go from mild to totally wild, there's nothing left for you to do other than access the guide and put it into action today!
  • 4
    Mild to WILD 'Props' Ideas: we've already let our imaginations run wild so you don't have to! Get all the very best ideas for sexual-tension-building Truth or Dare props!
  • 5
    Exciting 'TEXT MESSAGE' Variation: you'll get everything you need to know on how to have the hottest game of Truth or Dare over text message you've ever experienced!
  • 6
    Available Anywhere, Anytime: Have a surprise game of Truth or Dare sprung on you? You'll never be caught short with the complete guide available on computer or smart phone 24/7! (no more pesky hard-copy products!)
  • 7
    Not Just For Couples: I've also included a comprehensive section of G-rated questions and dares for groups, which, of course, can also be used as tame options for getting started with your partner!

Must-Have Separate Add-On Guides...

Add-On #1:

Truth or Dare Penalties Handbook 

Today you'll also get an entire Truth or Dare 'Penalties' Handbook. With everything from mild to eye-openingly wild, this is a Truth or Dare Add-On you don't want to miss out on. And I'm throwing it in totally free!

Add-On #2:

(Limited Time)

"Sexual TensionGuide 

The "Truth or Dare Boosting Sexual Tension Guide" which will give you very specific actions to take during game play that will undeniably telegraph your sensual, sexual intent, taking the tension and excitement to an entirely new level!

This will soon become its own full guide, so get it now while it's free in the package I'm making available!

In My Experience, The Ultimate Takeaway From This Game...

When you have a game plan, when you know how to start a specially crafted game of Truth or Dare with subtle innuendo and deliberately build erotic excitement into it, you'll be able to create a scenario at will that will result in a crescendo of sexual tension that will result in mind-blowing sex every time.

Who The Heck Am I To Make Such An Amazing
Promise And Why Should You Believe Every Word
You Read On This Page?

Bekka Relationship Fruit

Hi! My name is Bekka...

And no, I'm not a 'Sexpert' or a nymphomaniac or anything like that...

I'm a social worker helping everyday people improve their lives, and if you saw me at the supermarket you would just see a regular (and maybe slightly overweight... πŸ™„) 'gal'...

But that's not what my man, Mark sees at all...

He sees his intimate, adventurous lover who he could never live without...  why?

Because I've made it my mission to sass up our sex life so that boredom is banished and excited anticipation is in its place...

And now you've got the opportunity to experience this amazing sexual excitement yourself... 

"This Guide Makes Truth or Dare So Much More Than Just a Game!"

"Got my hands on an early-bird copy of this game manual, and I never realised Truth or Dare could be so much fun! I mean, it's fun we realise that, but this couples guide makes it so much MORE exciting!"

Tiff Y.

Home Maker, U.K.

Barely Two Cups Of Coffee...

I wanted this couples guide to be brilliant so I've spent a LOT of time making an easy to use members area where you can access the full guide, all the questions and dares, and all of the variations and extras, for the tiny one-time outlay of...

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All the very best - Bekka M πŸ’—

"...It's The Sections For Couples Where I Really Shines!"

"I thought I was a Truth or Dare expert, but this guide takes the game and intimate moments with my man to an entirely new level! The sections on Truth or Dare for groups of mature friends is great but it's the sections for couples were it really shines."
"Highly recommended! AAA+++"

Maria I.


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I look forward to seeing you there!

All the best in life, love and happiness,

Bekka πŸ’—

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