The Story Behind When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship

I can tell you from experience that you can almost drive yourself crazy in not knowing what to do when a man abruptly ends a relationship.

You’ve been dating for some time and things have become serious, or perhaps even worse you’ve even taken the step to move in together and really unite your lives.

Everything in your world seems perfect… and then he’s gone, often without giving you any solid reason at all.

You’ll likely experience feelings of loneliness, emotional distress and pain, anger, and maybe even depression.

Often it’s all the more painful and challenging because you never saw the abrupt end to the relationship coming.

While this type of end to a relationship can feel like your world has been turned upside down, there are things you can to do ease the pain

Knowing how to cope and what to do in this type of situation can be a next to impossible task, however by reading this article you’ll give yourself a perfect road map to set you straight on the road to healing and recovery and the right course of action to take.

Your Approach Regarding What To Do When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship

The approach you take after your partner ends a relationship all of a sudden could take one of two courses:

  1. Working on how to get him back
  2. Figuring out how to deal with the loss

Chances are you’ll start off doing everything you can to win him back, however the reality is that sometimes this just isn’t on the cards and you’ll have to move on with life the best way you can, which is exactly what this article will teach you to do.

So grab a coffee or a cheeky glass of wine, and settle in for a good read…

How To Get Him Back After A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship

Many books could, and have, been written on how to win an ex-boyfriend or husband back when the man abruptly ends a relationship with a distinct level of permanency.

The focus of this particular article is not on how to win him back per se, however if you wish to learn exactly how to do this check out my article on this topic which you can find here:

ARTICLE: Why Men Pull Away And Exactly What To Do About It

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How To Deal With The Loss When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship

Once you know that the time has come to move on and get on with life without ‘that’ man who doesn’t realise the value in you, there are some very specific things you can do to help you recover and move on even more confidently:

  • Give yourself time to grieve and recover
  • Gather yourself and regroup
  • Take care of yourself
  • Block his @ss
  • Put yourself first
  • Embrace the single life
  • Get out and meet new people

Let’s take a look at each in turn…

When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship – Grieve and Recover

The feelings of shock and devastation after an abrupt ending to a relationship are totally normal and to be expected.

It is not a reflection of any weakness in you personally, but simply the normal human response to your world be altered so significantly and so suddenly.

You should give yourself time to grieve, which could be a mixture of spending time alone in self-reflection, but also leaning on friends and family is important as well.

Reflect on what type of person the guy actually was, and while trying to place emotion aside for a moment genuinely ask yourself if you really deserve to be with someone who would treat you with such a level of disrespect…

…the answer is ‘no’.

If he couldn’t give you the time to try and work things out in an adult manner then the reality is that, despite the pain, he’s simply not worth your time.

And remember that aside from the negative feelings and emotions you’re experiencing right now, you’re still an amazingly powerful and valuable women in your own right.

Know that the right person is just around the corner looking for you, it’s just that your paths haven’t crossed yet.

Just ensure that you’ve properly grieved, been through the remaining processes discussed below, and get yourself whole again so that the next special person in your life has the very best of you.

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When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship –  Gather and Regroup

Soon enough the acute feelings of loss will begin to subside and you’ll be left with questions, perhaps some residual confusion, and a need for closure.

Reflect on the situation and what it means… is it really healthy for you to remain with, or want to be with, someone who leaves abruptly without warning?

No, it’s not.

What you’re actually missing is the intimate bond you had (not the specific person), perhaps the loss of mutual friends and part of your social circle, and maybe a strong dose of loneliness and rejection coupled with what might be a dramatic change in routine.

It’s important to realise that your grief is due to many aspects, and not the loss of a specific person as such.

Once you can truly internalize and accept this you will be in a much stronger position to move forwards constructively.

Do not beat yourself up if your partner suddenly and abruptly leaves the relationship, it actual fact it says much more about their lack of character than it does about you.

It’s time to take that understanding and start moving forward as the new you…

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When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship –  Take Care Of Yourself

First and foremost you need to take care of number one, and that’s you.

In breakup situations it’s natural to succumb to emotional eating, or even turning to alcohol or other substances in some cases, however this is never the best thing for you.

If you must, get it out of your system quickly, and move on swiftly to taking care of the new you through exercise, eating healthy, and managing your stress levels in every other aspect of life.

There is no doubt that this can be hard to do, however you will quickly find that you feel better for it.

Try taking up a new class such as Yoga or Pilates, or even gym related aerobics or spin classes.

Not only will you be getting exercise which is amazing for releasing positive hormones in your body, but chances are you’ll start getting fitter and leaner too.

And another big plus which I’ll touch on later in the article, you’ll be putting yourself into a new social space with new people to meet, and the benefit of this cannot be understated.

When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship –  Block His @ss

Are you a serial social media stalker… and do you have him on all your social media accounts?

Block him. NOW.

Disconnect and block ALL of his social media accounts, delete his email addresses and emails, delete his phone number and messages.

Get rid of absolutely everything so that you have no way to easily contact him or him to easily contact you.

There are two reasons for this…

First of all you should not be giving him any updates on what the new you is doing, he no longer deserves those updates and may cause him to contact you and possibly string you along.

He’s already shown his true colors and you do not need him showing his face again in your life just to confuse matters.

But more importantly, at this stage a single update from an ex can leave you devastated, confused, and missing everything about him.

Imagine how you might feel seeing a social media update of him with another woman, chances are you’ll feel angry, betrayed, and possibly even physically sick.

This is extremely counter productive for you at this point, and the only solution is to insulate yourself from these situations by disconnecting and blocking him on every online platform you have.

It will guarantee that you don’t see any heart-wrenching posts, but it will also let you make your own posts and updates about the new and rewarding life you’re building in your own right.

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When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship –  Put Yourself First

Beyond taking care of yourself and actively leading a healthy lifestyle, even if it initially takes a huge effort to do so, there’s another positive stage again to looking after yourself and truly putting yourself first.

Outside of the prior relationship and the abrupt ending to it, take a look at your life.

Are you where you envisioned yourself being had you been single the entire time at this stage of your life, have you been able to really become the successful woman you wanted to be?

What aspects of you life do you like, and what don’t you like?

It’s often helpful to note these aspects down in a list to help you prioritize goals for eliminating those things you don’t want in your life anymore, and that might also include aspects of your past relationship in terms of how you handled it during.

Then complete the list by writing down all the positive things you want to achieve and experience in the future.

Doing so can be hugely rewarding and will reaffirm your commitment to yourself to lead the best possible life you can.

It’s also healthy to include completely new skills or hobbies to learn, things you’ve been putting off but now have the time and inclination to discover.

Learn to cook, start a language course, or begin music lessons, whatever it is that helps you to wake up excited for life.

Take the list of negative aspects and hide it away, the only time you want to revisit it is when you feel yourself slipping.

Keep the list of positive things close, have it on your bedside table and read it every night before you go to sleep and you’ll very quickly embrace moving towards a better life.

When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship – Embrace The Single Life

After a relationship ends it’s important that you give yourself time to embrace the single life and ‘regain’ yourself and your personal identity, rather than quickly rebounding into a new relationship.

It can actually be quite a liberating experience to be single again, and should be looked at positively rather than as a time of loneliness.

You can go where you want, when you want, meet new people and have a guilt-free flirt.

You can forget the shared responsibilities you used to have and live life completely on your own terms.

And you can spend more time with loved ones which sometimes can be neglected during a relationship.

Never forget that the single life, in many respects, can truly be a blessing in disguise.

When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship – Put Yourself Out There

Now that you’ve got your life in order and are at least somewhat confidently moving forwards as a powerful single woman in her own right, it’s time to put yourself out there again and look for a new partner.

You may well feel out of your element, but it’s important that you take every opportunity to be social that you can.

Start going out with friends, to parties, clubs, interest groups, anything and everything to get you interacting with people and especially eligible men.

You don’ have to go out with the express intention of finding Mr Right, but it’s not about that.

It’s about getting you into the swing of social settings again in the mindset of a single woman.

Let yourself be drawn into things you wouldn’t normally do with people you’ve gotten to know along the way.

Enjoy new experiences and before long you’ll be feeling more and more at home and confident in your own skin.

And chances are that in doing all of this… you may just bump into Mr Right.

The Final Word On What To Do When A Man Abruptly Ends A Relationship

As devastating as breakups can be when a man ends it abruptly, many people report that they have ultimately come out the other side an even stronger person than they were before.

While you will no doubt have a period of mourning the loss it is also an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your life and will ultimately lead to you finding that Mr Right you were meant to be with.

There’s always a silver lining to be found if you look hard enough and in some ways you could mentally thank your ex for saving you any more years of wasted time with the wrong person.

And in the end you may never know the exact reasons behind why he ended the relationship so abruptly and suddenly, but eventually you’ll realise that it really doesn’t matter and you’ll find your own peace.

Stay strong and know that this is not the end, just beginning of a bright new chapter.

All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 💕

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Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by RelationshipFruit .com! As someone who struggled with men and relationships for quite some years I’m happy to say that my current long-term relationship could not possibly be any better! Slowly but surely this website is becoming the embodiment of everything I’ve learnt and studied over the years to improve myself and understand those crazy (and lovable!) creatures called men. Please make yourself at home, check out my articles to learn from my mistakes, and connect with me anytime in the comments 😘

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