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Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

“Hands Down The BEST SEXUAL TENSION BUILDING Guide Available!"

Learn How To Build Sexual Tension With That Sexy Someone Like You've Never Done So Before...

It goes without saying, you want to have the most sensual, erotic and mind-blowing experiences with your partner you can possibly have.

But sometimes it can be a challenge just to set the scene for it, let alone really dial up the heat for the most intimate experience you've ever had.

There's no doubt that a well-timed game of Truth or Dare can achieve this scenario for you, this is well known, however the intense intimacy of the game can be totally destroyed if you get certain key and crucial aspects of it wrong...

Setting The Scene For Being Intimate And Building Sexual Tension Is Downright Challenging...

Most people believe that a game of Truth or Dare can just naturally lead to intimacy between couples, but this is far from the case.

What if you think of one of the hottest dares imaginable, one that you just KNOW will lead to an amazing sexual experience, but it requires the use of some kind of prop. But disappointingly, you don't have it available...

What if you're setting the scene for later by starting a game of Truth or Dare via text message, but fail to utilize the amazingly erotic 'text message' questions and dares available to you, and the game embarrassingly fizzles out...

Or even worse... you're experiencing an intensely intimate moment with your partner, who has come up with the most amazing sensual questions and dares such that you can feel the tension in the air. And now, stressfully, it's your turn, only your mind is completely blank...

Incorrectly attempting to build sexual tension into an intimate moment often leads to guilty disappointment.

Get the crucial Truth or Dare techniques for sexual tension wrong and your feelings of intimacy will END.

Following a tried and tested process will ENSURE success in building steamy sexual tension!

Coming Up With Your Own Truth or Dare Questions On The Fly Is Never The Best Option...

...you sit down almost naked, breathing heavy as you look at him sitting across from you out of arms reach. You completed the dare he gave you and your turn is over, leaving you aching for more.

He's just so GOOD at coming up with creatively intimate questions and dares!

The lust is getting out of control and you're totally wrapped around his seductive little finger and you wouldn't have it any other way!

The sexual tension is SO high and you just KNOW the best sex you've ever had is only moments away...

"Dare" he says slowly in his deep seductive voice, his look all but commanding you to bring the game to its ultimate conclusion.

And all of a sudden it hits you... it's your turn.

Shit. Your mind goes blank...

You start to agonize over what dare to give him, you haven't thought it through and you don't have a game plan.

The uncomfortable seconds tick on as your mind desperately reaches for something, ANYTHING, a dare for him to do that will be perfect in this heated yet fleeting moment.

But you're unprepared... you're failing... and then you see the disappointment in his eyes as you both feel the all of the sexual tension ebb away.

It doesn't have to be this way...!

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    Opportunities badly acted out lead to disappointment. You can go it alone trying to build sexual tension, but failure to follow a tried and proven process can lead to intensely disappointing failure to seduce.
  • Actively build sensual experiences. Doing this is by far better than leaving them these intimate experiences up to fate, because fate doesn't always come through for you.
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    Find a sensual seductive game-plan and follow it. Intimate encounters can be genuinely created by using tried and true methods such as an exciting and properly executed game of Truth or Dare.

All Of These Sexual Tension Pitfalls Are Avoidable When You Discover This Structured Seduction Solution...

You've set the scene. You and your partner are a and a game of Truth or Dare about to start. But first you need to set the rules... so many exciting options and decisions!

Which questions and dares might you pre-select? Have you organised those naughty handcuffs and other intimate props you might need? And which 'naughty penalties' are you choosing for refusing to answer to complete a dare?

Knowing the right questions and dares for the right moment is crucial to the successful flow of the game, especially in a couples game where an intimate interlude is the end goal!

Specific Steps guarantee intoxicating sexual tension!

When you have a game plan with Truth or Dare, when you know how to start the game with subtle innuendo and deliberately build erotic excitement into it, you'll be able to create a scenario at will that will result in a crescendo of sexual tension that results in totally mind blowing sex every time.

The methods that will guide you through the entire process are now available to you...

Finally, The Perfect Solution Is Available In The...
“Truth or Dare Bible - Mild to Wild”

Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

Effortlessly Creating Intimate Moments Has Never Been Easier!

When you access the "Truth or Dare - Mild To Wild" package you get everything you need to create sexual tension out of thin air that leads to the best intimate, sensual and sexual moments with your partner that you've ever had.

You'll get the basic rules of the game to build on. You'll get a list of props that work perfectly for groups and more raunchy ideas for props that will work amazingly well in a couples game, AND you'll get literally thousands of questions and dares for all scenarios!

You'll get instructions on how to get a game started and how to escalate the sexual tension between you and your partner, PLUS "Action Steps" that guide you immediately on how to put into practice what you've just learnt.

You'll get no less than six Truth or Dare variations including an entire chapter on how to really turn up the heat with special questions and dares designed specifically for text message Truth or Dare!

You'll get fun and amusing questions and dares for groups, flirty and sexual questions and dares for couples, plus specific questions and dares for him and her to really make them squirm with pleasure!


Today you'll also get an entire Truth or Dare 'Penalties' Handbook! With everything from mild to eye-openingly wild, this is a Truth or Dare BONUS GUIDE you simply don't want to miss out on. And right now it's totally FREE when you access this package!


If one bonus guide isn't enough then I've got a second one for you... the "Truth or Dare Boosting Sexual Tension Guide" which will give you very specific actions to take during game play that will undeniably telegraph your sensual, sexual intent, taking the tension and excitement to an entirely new level! This will soon become its own full guide, so get it now while it's FREE in the "Truth or Dare - Mild to Wild" package!

So Much Value! From friendly group games to raunchy couples games, this Truth or Dare package will give you every tactic, variation and intimate idea you need to make it a game to remember with that special someone!

  • 1
    All The Thinking Done For You: literally hundreds of questions and dares, with everything from mild and tame group options, through to raunchy questions and dares for couples!
  • 2
    Multiple SEXY Truth or Dare Variations: the only resource available that lists multiple hot Truth or Dare variations for couples to really turn up the heat!
  • 3
    Structured Sexual Tension Build-up: with everything you need to go from mild to totally wild, there's nothing left for you to do other than read the guide and put it into action today!
  • 4
    Mild to WILD 'Props' Ideas: we've already let our imaginations run wild so you don't have to! Get all the very best ideas for sexual tension building Truth or Dare props!
  • 5
    Exciting 'TEXT MESSAGE' Variation: you'll get everything you need to know on how to have the hottest game of Truth or Dare over text message you've ever experienced!
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    Available Anywhere, Anytime: Have a surprise game of Truth or Dare sprung on you? You'll never be caught short with all text-based and visual guides available on computer or smart phone 24/7!
Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

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