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Imagine Effortlessly Generating MIND-BLOWING Sexual Tension Like You've Never Felt Before...

To say that this game works sexual wonders is a HUGE understatement...the sexual tension and energy in our bedroom after just the first game was "almost" too much for us to handle! But oh boy we managed!!

Karen D.

Homemaker, Canada

The most sensual, erotic and mind-blowing sexual experience... the type that leaves you so satisfyingly drained and giddy with an all-consuming sexual afterglow...

It's exactly what you want, but often it's frustratingly impossible just to set the scene for it, let alone really dial up the heat for the most intimate experience you've ever had.

Why is it that good sex, I mean REALLY GOOD sex, can be so hard to experience with your partner...?

Why 'You' Are Missing Out On Out-Of-This-World Sexual Encounters...

Perhaps you're in a loving relationship where you're so in tune with your amazing partner but you know everything about them and nothing is 'new' anymore... short, your sex life has become boring.

Maybe you're seeing someone new and want that first sensual sexual experience to be explosively wild and an encounter to remember for all the right reasons... but, you're just too timid and don't know where to start to ignite this kind of passion and intense physical chemistry.

Chances are, you can't find any easy solution to any of these problems, even though the solution is completely within reach and you simply haven't had revealed what's right in front of you yet!

How 'Your' Next Sexual Experience Can Literally Be The Hottest Encounter Of Your Life...

Imagine the explicit, fantasy level sex you've always secretly harbored, mixed with the heated passion of two bodies irresistibly coming together in the throws of intense physical attraction... 

...once the secret of generating this exact scenario is revealed to you, you will forever have the power to turn your fantasies into reality with the person you choose!

No longer will you simply look forward to sex with your partner in a general sense, it will be impossible to get intense sexual thoughts of them off your mind 24/7!

In fact, the overall intimacy of your relationship is guaranteed to increase many times over due to the shared experience of such intense physical and emotional bonding.

And all of this... from one simple game...

One simple game that allows you to slowly build the sexual tension to a truly insane boiling point...

A game you likely already know... BUT... 

I've personally given it a LOAD of naughty adults-only twists that will open your eyes WIDE!

Finally... Effortlessly Creating Sexual Intensity and Release Has Never Been So Easy!

Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible



'Truth or Dare'

​Adults-Only Super Guide

With Multiple Raunchy Variations You've NEVER Seen Before...!


Specific Steps guarantee intoxicating sexual tension!

When you have a game plan, when you know how to start a specially crafted game of Truth or Dare with subtle innuendo and deliberately build erotic excitement into it, you'll be able to create a scenario at will that will result in a crescendo of sexual tension that results in totally mind blowing sex every time!

The methods that will guide you through the entire process are now available to you...

Here's What To Expect When You Access "Truth or Dare - Mild To Wild"...

You've set the scene. You and your partner are finally together and a game of Truth or Dare is about to start. But first you need to set the rules... and I've provided you with so many exciting options and decisions!

Which questions and dares might you pre-select? Have you organised those naughty handcuffs and other intimate props you might need? And which 'naughty penalties' are you choosing when one of you refuses to answer or complete a dare?

  • 1
    All The Thinking Done For You: literally hundreds of questions and dares, with everything from mild options through to raunchy questions and dares to make your eyes go wide!
  • 2
    Multiple SEXY Truth or Dare Variations:the only resource available that lists multiple hot Truth or Dare variations for couples to really turn up the heat!
  • 3
    Structured Sexual Tension Build-up: with everything you need to go from mild to totally wild, there's nothing left for you to do other than access the guide and put it into action today!
  • 4
    Mild to WILD 'Props' Ideas: we've already let our imaginations run wild so you don't have to! Get all the very best ideas for sexual-tension-buildingTruth or Dareprops!
  • 5
    Exciting 'TEXT MESSAGE' Variation:you'll get everything you need to know on how to have the hottest game of Truth or Dare over text message you've ever experienced!
  • 6
    Available Anywhere, Anytime: Have a surprise game of Truth or Dare sprung on you? You'll never be caught short with the complete guide available on computer or smart phone 24/7!
Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

Why People Are Raving About "Truth or Dare Mild To Wild"...

When you access the "Truth or Dare - Mild To Wild" package you get everything you need to create sexual tension out of thin air that leads to the best intimate, sensual and sexual moments with your partner that you've ever had.

You'll get the basic rules of the game to build on, including options for casual group games. But... you'll also get a list of raunchy ideas for props that work amazingly well for couples, AND you'll get literally hundreds if not thousands of questions and dares for all scenarios! 

You'll get instructions on how to get a game started and how to escalate the sexual tension between you and your partner, PLUS "Action Steps" that guide you immediately on how to put into practice what you've just learnt.

You'll get no less than six Truth or Dare variations including an entire chapter on how to really turn up the heat with special questions and dares designed specifically for text message Truth or Dare!

You'll get fun and amusing questions and dares for groups, flirty and sexual questions and dares for couples, plus specific questions and dares for him and her to really make them squirm with pleasure!



"Truth or DarePenalties Handbook 

Today you'll also get an entire Truth or Dare 'Penalties' Handbook! With everything from mild to eye-openingly wild, this is a Truth or Dare BONUS GUIDE you simply don't want to miss out on. And right now it's totally FREE when you access this package!

Truth or Dare Penalties Box Shot 1.1



"Sexual TensionGuide 

If one bonus guide isn't enough then I've got a second one for you... the "Truth or Dare Boosting Sexual Tension Guide" which will give you very specific actions to take during game play that will undeniably telegraph your sensual, sexual intent, taking the tension and excitement to an entirely new level!

This will soon become its own full guide, so get it now while it's FREE in the "Truth or Dare - Mild to Wild" package!

Boosting Sexual Tension Box Shot 1

Who The Heck Am I To Make Such An Amazing
Promise And Why Should You Believe Every Word
You Read On This Page?

Bekka Relationship Fruit

Hi! My name is Bekka...

And no, I'm not a 'Sexpert' or a nymphomaniac or anything like that...

I'm a social worker helping everyday people improve their lives, and if you saw me at the supermarket you would just see a regular (and maybe slightly overweight...) 'gal'...

But that's not what my man, Mark sees at all...

He sees his intimate, adventurous lover who he could never live without...  why?

Because I've made it my mission to sass up our sex life so that boredom is banished and excited anticipation is in its place...

And now you've got the opportunity to experience this amazing sexual excitement yourself... 

"This Guide Makes Truth or Dare So Much More Than Just a Game!"

"Got my hands on an early-bird copy of this game manual, and I never realised Truth or Dare could be so much fun! I mean, it's fun we realise that, but this manual makes it so much MORE exciting!"

Tiff Y.

Great Britain

"It's The Sections For Couples Where I Really Shines!"

"I thought I was a Truth or Dare expert, but this guide takes the game and intimate moments with my man to an entirely new level! The sections on Truth or Dare for groups of mature friends is great but it's the sections for couples were it really shines."

"Highly recommended! AAA+++"

Maria I.


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Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you implement everything in this detailed guide don't have an amazing experience with your significant other over the next 60 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

All the very best - Bekka M πŸ’—

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Relationship Fruit Truth or Dare Bible

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