There’s nothing like using some of the hottest questions for Truth or Dare to really get to know your man.

General ‘truth’ questions are great for finding out interesting things about your partner while you’re initially getting to know them.

But getting into the hottest adults-only questions really makes a game of Truth or Dare shine.

Let’s set the tone a little shall we…

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The Best Adult Truth or Dare Experience

You’re with your man and the lights are turned down low.

You’ve thrown out a casual “truth or dare?”…

Truth” he says, with a mischievous grin.

After a bit of thought about your question, you respond… “top or bottom?

And so it starts…

The questions start innocently enough, but soon they’re delving deep into intimate territory.
With each new question comes a new level of intimate knowledge about your partner and steamy sensual details for the imagination.

The questions in this article are designed to be a mix of those with heavy innuendo right up to questions that are reasonably sexual.

As you go through the list you’ll very quickly discover which questions you are comfortable with and which will give you the hottest details to get the imagination running rampant.

Which leads to the next important point for getting the most out of your hot questions for Truth or Dare…


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Dirty Truth or Dare Question ‘Limits’

The very best and hottest game of Truth or Dare is one where you take the questions and dares to the limit of what you and your man are comfortable with.

First and foremost you have to pick your Truth of Dare questions wisely such that you don’t make him unnecessarily uncomfortable.

If you take it a question to far and push into territory he’s not comfortable talking about then you’ll turn off the sexual energy between you both very quickly.

The solution is to work up to the more challenging questions.

Ultimately you’ll never be fully aware, at least initially, of what might trigger him to become uncomfortable, much the same way that he won’t know everything that might make you uncomfortable.

But start off with relatively tame questions that involve a little sexual innuendo and aren’t directly related to his most intimate sexual experiences and quirks.

You’ll quickly get a feel for what he’s comfortable answering and what he tends to avoid.

Simply watch his body language, listen to his tone and any hesitation (or lack of) and you’ll identify his Truth or Dare question sweet spot quite quickly.

Importantly, you should also strictly avoid questions you really don’t want answers to.
If the goal is to enjoy a simple night of intimate fun together then finding out things about him that make you uncomfortable will quickly kill your attraction.

For example, if you know that him sleeping with a certain amount of people will be a big turn off for you, don’t ask him how many people he’s slept with!

Ideally, shortlist a few of the questions that you’re comfortable asking from the list below, and bookmark this article for future reference or to check out while you play for on-the-go Truth or Dare question ideas.

Being prepared is the key to ensuring there are as few unwanted surprises as possible, and that you have the hottest game of Truth or Dare possible!

Now, let’s jump right into it…

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Top ’33’ Hottest Questions For Truth Or Dare


1. Are you a screamer during sex?

2. If you could pick one person to join us for a threesome, who would it be?

3. What’s the biggest age gap between you and someone you had sex with, and was it younger or older?

4. Have you ever personally watched two people having sex together in any situation?

5. Do you prefer fast/rough sex or slow/sensual sex?

6. Top or bottom?


7. What is the strangest place you’ve had sex?

8. What is the strangest place you’d like to try having sex but haven’t had the opportunity yet?

9. If you’ve ever been busted having sex or masturbating before, who busted you and what was the scenario?

10. Tell me the part of my body that turns you on the most?

11. What is your favorite sex position?

12. Have you ever sexted before?

13. Have you ever made a video of yourself doing something sexual and sent it to someone?


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14. Have you, or would you, ever do a strip tease for someone?

15. What’s the craziest sex act you’ve ever done in public?

16. Describe in as much detail as possible what your orgasms feel like?

17. Do you trim or shave between your legs?

18. Have you ever used a sex toy?

19. Have you ever had sex with someone within 24 hours of meeting them?

20. What is your favorite sex toy?

21. Do you ever go about your day without wearing any underwear?

22. Describe the hottest dream you can remember having?

23. Have you ever been intimate with someone of the same sex?

24. Do you prefer your partner to be silent or vocal during sex?

25. What is your favorite type of foreplay?

26. When was the last time you masturbated?

27. Have you, or would you, ever try anal?

28. Where is your favorite place to be licked or kissed?

29. What do you normally type into Google when you want to watch porn?

30. You can only watch one type of porn again for the rest of your life, what type is it?

31. Would you ever watch your partner have sex with someone else?

32. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever experienced during sex?

33. What’s your favorite sexual fantasy that you’ve already tried out?


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No doubt you’ve short listed your hottest questions for Truth or Dare and are totally ready to really turn up the sexual tension between you and your guy.

Have you ever taken your relationship from mild to wild with your own sexy questions in a game of Truth or Dare? Join the conversation below in the comments section and share your top questions for Truth or Dare with us!


All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 💕

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