If there’s any game that will turn up the heat between you and your man it’s Truth or Dare, and with these Top ‘55’ crazy hot dares for Truth or Dare you are guaranteed to get his (or her!) motor well and truly revved up!

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Top ’55’ HOTTEST Dares For Truth Or Dare

So you’ve managed to find some time to be alone with your partner.

The lights are low and your favorite music is on in the background.

You casually toss out there… “hey, truth or dare?

His eyes light up, and he responds with a grin… “dare!

Within minutes you’re laughing, half naked, and ready to rip the rest of each other’s clothes off!

BUT… to get to this point, you MUST have some of the top dares for Truth or Dare ready to go.

That where this article will be invaluable for you, as it provides dares for Truth or Dare that will take your evening from mild to wild extremely fast!

The dares have been designed to ideally lead to sex, and as you will see have a range of different types for different comfort zones.

Which leads me to my next very important point in keeping a game of Truth or Dare on track…


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Truth or Dare Comfort Zones

For the very best Truth or Dare experience, remember that everyone has their limits and comfort zones.

The aim is to take them right to that limit without crossing the line.

Of course the aim is for the game of Truth or Dare to lead to sex, but that doesn’t mean the dares have to be extremely explicit.

Everyone will have a limit of what’s comfortable for them to do in front of another, and even somewhat tame dares can easily lead to an intimate encounter.

First, consider your own limits and how far you would go.

This is your first measure for how far you should take your partner.

Second, use what you already know of your man to gauge how far you should push with the dares.

Avoid having them do something that will ultimately make them uncomfortable as that will very quickly kill the mood.

And third, be mindful of how your guy is reacting to your dares during the game.
If he’s hesitant, dial it back.

However if he’s seriously getting into it, you can start to dial up the heat!

Which brings me to my next top method of turning up the intimacy with dares in a game of Truth or Dare…


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Top Truth or Dare Props

If you’ve made the plan to play Truth or Dare but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, now is a great time to research some ideas for hot dares that require props.

Some of the top dares for Truth or Dare involve creative items that can really help increase the heat, or the humor, in any game of truth and dare with your man.

For example, can you imagine the fun you could have with a dare that involved handcuffs?

If it’s your cup of tea, what about a dare that required ice?

Or perhaps it’s more your style to include various types of food in the sexy dares you have ready to go.

Regardless of the level of intimacy, but especially if you want to seriously increase the intimacy, using props in Truth or Dare can be seriously exciting!

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it…!

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Top ’55’ HOTTEST Dares For Truth Or Dare


1. I dare you to remove my bra without taking my top off.


2. I dare you to spell out your name using your finger gently on my bare back for one minute.


3. I dare you to undress me down to my underwear using only one hand.


4. I dare you to give me a two minute sensual hand massage.


5. I dare you to give me a two minute sensual foot massage.


6. I dare you to go online and research a new sex position you’ve never done but want to try… then demonstrate it for me.


7. I dare you to kiss my inner thigh for thirty seconds.


8. I dare you to feed me something using only your mouth.


9. I dare you to undo my shirt using only your non dominant hand while looking into my eyes closely, and you’re not allowed to break eye contact.

10. I dare you to close your eyes, stick out your tongue, and guess what I touch it with.


11. I dare you to take your pants off for the rest of the game.


12. I dare you to take of your shirt for the rest of the game.


13. I dare you to play the rest of the game in only your underwear.


14. I dare you to wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.


15. I dare you to take a suggestive selfie with me then send me the picture.


16. I dare you to let me spank your naked butt for 20 seconds.


17. I dare you to let me rub your inner thighs for a minute but you’re NOT allowed to get hard. (or it stops)


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18. I dare you to give me a shoulder and neck massage for at least five minutes.


19. I dare you kiss my neck for one minute.


20. I dare you to close your eyes and kiss whatever body part I put in front of your mouth.


21. I dare you to put your hand in your pants and pleasure yourself while looking at me for sixty seconds.


22. I dare you to lick and nibble my ear for thirty seconds.


23. I dare you to lift my shirt up from butt to neck using only your teeth.


24. Close your eyes and randomly scroll through your phone contacts and tell me the sexiest thing about the first woman you stop on.


25. I dare you to undo all of my shirt buttons using only a single hand, and if you succeed I have to leave it that way for the remainder of the game.


26. I dare you to flash your butt to me for three seconds.


27. I dare you to squeeze or rub your favourite part of me for two minutes.

28. I dare you to sext me right now.


29. I dare you to show me the last porn video you watched.


30. I dare you to spell out your name using your finger gently on my bare inner-thigh for one minute.


31. I dare you to go into the bathroom and send me a sexually suggestive selfie.


32. I dare you to stimulate any two parts of my body at the same time using your hand and your mouth.


33. I dare you to keep your eyes closed and your hands behind your back while I give you a lap dance for a full minute.


34. I dare you to spell out a secret message on my back. If you get it right, you get a special favor of your choosing. If you get it wrong, you have to do something special for me.


35. I dare you to sensually lick my ear for thirty seconds.


36. I dare you to wear my panties for the next two rounds.


37. I dare you to show me the dirtiest message you have in your phone.


38. I dare you to show me the dirtiest image you have of yourself on your phone.

39. I dare you to pull up your favorite porn site right now.


40. I dare you to whisper something in my ear something sexy about me that you’ve fantasized about while masturbating.


41. I dare you do give me a hickey on my inner thigh.


42. I dare you to let me slowly lick your lips and you have to resist kissing me or touching me the entire time.


43. I dare you to give me a peck on something on me that’s pink.


44. I dare you to resist making out with me while I try every way I can to convince you to kiss me.

45. I dare you to lie down perfectly still and with your eyes closed and let me run a finger or feather anywhere on your body for one minute.


46. I dare you to send me the dirtiest sext you can come up with.


47. I dare you to watch me undress without getting a hard-on. (down to underwear)


48. I dare you to put your hand in my pants and keep it busy doing anything for a full minutes.


49. I dare you to give me a butt massage for a full minute.

50. I dare you to let me kiss you all over your face and around your mouth for one minute without kissing me back.


51. I dare you to unwrap a candy with me and we can only use our lips.


52. I dare you to put on your favorite porno, so I can see what you’re into.


53. I dare you to kiss me anywhere, except on the lips.


54. I dare you to go to the bathroom and take a suggestive selfie and send it to me.


55. I dare you to unhook my bra with one hand.

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No doubt you’ve got a handful of hot dares now shortlisted that are going to really turn up the sexual tension between you and your guy.

Have you ever taken your relationship from mild to wild with your own sexy dares in a game of Truth or Dare? Join the conversation below in the comments section and share your top dares for Truth or Dare with us!

All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka

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