Knowing how to talk dirty to a guy over text message is possibly one of the most scintillating skills a woman can have for getting the fires of passion lit in a big way.

I recently realised this after finding the same question of how to talk dirty to a guy over text on yahoo answers recently, it’s quite the hot topic!

However dirty text messaging is not always the easiest thing for some of you to get started on, much less master.

But rest easy, I’ve got a fantastic list of contextual flirty dirty text message examples you can send to your guy to get him very hot under the collar.

Additionally, we’ll also be doing a bit of a deep dive into talk dirty text message topics such as:

    • how to gain confidence to get started;
    • building up the sexual tension;
    • and some of the pitfalls to look out for and avoid;

These discussions will put your mind at ease, help you to become comfortable initiating dirty talk with your guy by text message with my naughty examples, and seeing it through to its steamy conclusion… even if you’re a beginner!

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How To Talk Dirty To A Guy Over Text

Ready to get started talking dirty to your man over text message?

Before you launch off looking at the examples and putting them into practice, there’s a few tricks of the trade that you must be aware of so you don’t put your foot in your mouth, so to speak.

Because getting it wrong will kill the dirty talk mood extremely quickly.

Let’s dive right in…


Gaining Confidence To Talk Dirty To A Guy Over Text

The basics of how to get started talking dirty to a guy over text is a common topic I’ve seen repeatedly on Yahoo Answers.

In simple terms, gaining confidence to talk dirty via text message has three components:

  1. Learning the basic types of dirty talk;
  2. Short-listing lines that work in context; and
  3. Starting slow;

The basics types of dirty talk are covered in detail under the headings below, and you’ll find some genres of ‘lines’ that work well for you.

Once you’ve identified the types of lines that work for you it’s time to go over the list I’ve compiled below in detail and find the dirty talk text message examples that feel ‘right’ for you, and shortlist them.

Remember you can totally alter them to suit your situation and personal style, they certainly don’t have to be kept as they are if you can find a way to improve them for yourself and your man.

And finally, you should start slow, for two reasons:

Firstly, and this is important if you’re a beginner, so that you can build your confidence within your comfort zone.

And secondly, so that you can test the waters with dirty text messages for your guy to see if he’s actually into it (hint: every guy I’ve ever met is into it!).


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Building Sexual Tension When Talking Dirty By Text Message

The trick to building sexual tension is in starting with innuendo.

Start with a little innuendo such that he’s just sensing that you’re beginning to get flirty and a little dirty with him.

Using emoji’s here is an excellent option as the basic imagery can be extremely suggestive all on its own.

As soon as you get a response from him that shows he’s turned on and is reciprocating with his own dirty texts then it’s game on, and you can then start to increase the ‘naughtiness’ of your messages.

But remember that slow and steady increases the tension much more effectively.

If you jump straight to something overtly sexual then the sexual tension may be intense, but not as much as it you draw it out and build it up over a more lengthy period by increasing the sexuality of each message.

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Dirty Talk Over Text Message Like You First Met

When you first met your man conversation flowed easily into flirtation.

It sexual innuendo came effortlessly, and you felt the confidence build as he reciprocated your flirtations.

Think of those times and apply that flirtatious state of mind to your text messages, it will help anchor some confidence in you in cases where you’re a little unsure.


Talk Dirty To Your Guy By Giving Explicit Directions

You can really turn up the heat for your man if you give him explicit directions of a sexual nature.

Telling him point blank with unshakable confidence to do something suggestive or sexual and to text you the ‘evidence’ is always a recipe for dirty talk success.

Just make sure you’ve built up the sexual tension to a point where he’s open to doing your bidding.

Trust me, you’ll know when he’s there, and chances are he’ll start making demands of you before you make demands of him.

And if you’ve ever been in the mood and on the end of one of those dirty text message demands then you know exactly how much of a turn on it can be! 


Surprise Builds Attraction When Talking Dirty By Text

An amazing way to get his libido ready to go instantly is to catch him off guard with a moderately sexually charged text message.

This works particularly well if you’re short on time and want to speed up the sexual tension process.

If you can show some form of enthusiasm for anything sexual and incorporate it into an out-of-the-blue text message when he’s least expecting it, it will certainly put a sexual charge through him!

Just make sure it’s not too full on so that you don’t run the risk of pushing him into an uncomfortable place too quickly.


Creative Dirty Talk Is Key

The details matter.

Creative and descriptive embellishments of a sexual nature very much increase the intensity of anything you say.

For example, it’s fine to text “I’m so turned on by now…”, however it’s sooo much better to text “I’m so turned on thinking about that bulge in your pants, send me a picture of it. Now.

As your confidence grows you’ll be able to get significantly more imaginative, and the likelihood is that it will only add perfectly to the tension that’s building.


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Dirty Text Message Emojis

Using emoji’s for sexual innuendo can work like magic in the right context.

You can add in phallic objects such as this 🥒at the end of a dirty flirty text, and keep a mix of text and emojis.

Or, you can keep it emojis only and send something like the following:

🎟️ 🛏️ 😉

🛏️ ↕️ 💥

🍑 🥒 🌋


Talk Dirty To A Guy Over Text Examples


Easy Beginner Talk Dirty Text Message Examples To Warm Up With

  • Lying in bed. Bored. Any ideas…?
  • So I was thinking about you in the shower this morning… 💦🥒
  • I have a surprise for you later tonight… I think you’re going to like it!
  • Tonight would you like me to wear a short skirt, or an even shorter skirt? I can model them for you if you want? (then send him pics of you in both options)
  • I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’m going to do to you tonight. Three guesses what it is…
  • Could do with a pic to hold me over… 😉
  • Have I told you what I call my boobs?
  • I can’t stop thinking naughty thoughts about you, get out of my head!
  • So, if I could only wear three items of clothing tonight, what would you choose for me?
  • If you can guess what color bra I’m wearing I’ll take it off and show it to the camera for a selfie…
  • If I kissed a girl, who should it be? Send me a pic to tell me who…
  • I’ll show you my nudes if you show me yours… 

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More Advanced Talk Dirty Text Message Examples

  • Red panties or black? (send him a picture of both on your bed)
  • Send me a picture of where you want me to touch you first tonight 🥒😉
  • I’m not wearing any underwear… need proof? (before you send him anything, first make him do something naughty for you by text)
  • I found some new sex positions we should try, what do you think? (send him a picture of you clothed, or in a state of undress, and in the position)
  • You’ll get a blowjob tonight if you can guess the color of the bra I’m wearing, and yes you’ll get proof?
  • I just found this cool sex site on the net, gave me some good ideas for later! Want the link…?
  • I want to see the last nude selfie you took on your phone. You send me your and I’ll send you mine… 😉😈
  • I’m thinking of getting a new sex toy, send me a pic of one you’d like to use on me…
  • Send me the link to the last porn you watched, I want to see what you like.


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Important Dirty Talk Text Message Rules And Guides

You may not have considered it prior, but there are certain best practise rules for dirty talk by text message.

Should you use profanity to dial up the heat or is it going to far?

Are there certain words or phrases you shouldn’t use?

Let’s take a look at each in turn…


If And When To Use Profanity When Talking Dirty

During sexual interaction of most kinds profanity and swearing is easily dismissed and can be considered quite acceptable.

There’s definitely no rule that it must be incorporated, however selective use in the correct context can definitely increase the sexual tension in an interaction.

Just ensure that when sending dirty talk text messages to your guy that you’re aware of his limits and what he’s comfortable with.

Additionally, don’t start things off with any kind of profanity, hold it back for use as things start to heat up and then use is sparingly if you think you need to use it at all.


Dirty Talk To Avoid

Make sure you draw the line quite strictly between dirty talk and trash talk, unless you are 101% sure that your partner has indicated that he wants it.

With this in mind, avoid defamatory words unless you have specific permission from them.

Also be ever mindful about making a comment about a man’s body parts or performance that he could misconstrue as a slight against him, even if that wasn’t your intention.

And importantly, avoid scientific terms! It’s almost impossible to turn anyone on (including yourself!) using the words penis and vagina.


Are you a seasoned dirty talker? Do you have any additional super-hot dirty-talking tips for our readers? Join the conversation below in the comments section.

All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 

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