How to seduce your husband back after divorce is a step-by-step process where you’ll need to focus on and enhance what physically, emotionally and intimately attracted him in the first place, accentuating these factors from a position of first getting him to be comfortable talking with you again as a friend.

In this article I’ll be discussing with you this process in detail, providing links to supporting articles I’ve written so you can get more deep-dive learnings to enhance your chances of success in seducing your ex-husband back, and I’ll also be recommending other super-value-packed guides that will make your desired outcome all but guaranteed!

The process of seducing your husband back is one that any woman in a position of divorce can follow (and truth be known it will work on any ex), and it plays on the psychological needs of men and therefore has a high probability of success.

However it does require that you’re on respectful speaking terms with your ex-husband.

If you’re not quite there yet then I’ve written the perfect article for you called ‘how to get your ex to like you again’ which you can read at your leisure and get you quickly to a point where you can be both be comfortable with one on one catch-ups.

Or if you really want to pull out all the stops you can access the amazing Ex Factor program which helps 90% of all women to get back together with their ex, and which has helped many thousands of women the world over recover their relationship and make it stronger than ever, even after divorce.

But, we’ll talk more on this later…

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Now for some of you, you may not even be at the stage of getting your ex to like you again, but rather are still healing from the relationship split.

If this is you, have a read of my popular article ‘what to do when a man abruptly ends a relationship, exact steps’, which will help you to set your mind at ease with your new single life, and move forwards being the best and most abundant woman you can be.

But back to our topic of discussion at hand of seducing your ex-husband into intimacy, which comprises of a number of distinct steps, or tactics including everything from utilizing what worked for you originally, making it all fee new for him again, and increasing intimate tension through flirting and touch.

Let’s take a look at them all in more detail:

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The Steps For How To Seduce Your Ex Husband Back After Divorce

The tactics for seducing your ex husband back after divorce or separation can be woven into the following:

  • Enhance what originally worked
  • Flirt on the edge of intimate
  • Make it feel new again
  • Remind him of what he loved
  • Touch him with a hint of intimacy
  • Assess and escalate

They can all be worked on and implemented at the same time as part of the seduction to get him back, however you can approach them all sequentially as well and understand one fully before moving on to the next.

These methods are to be used whenever you have are in a social setting with him, or can be extended if and where possible to phone contact, or in some cases to what you show on social media, etc.

Seduce Your Ex Husband By Enhancing What Worked Previously

Thankfully you’re already in the excellent position of knowing exactly what attracted your ex husband in the first place.

You know his intimate like and dislikes, and what turns him on.

Make a list of these, even doing so literally on a notepad can be beneficial in terms of bringing clarity and purpose, and then note down ways you can accentuate those things that he liked so much.

For example, if you know that he liked you in red, make a point of wearing flattering clothes that are red around him when you’re next together.

If you know he liked your makeup a certain way, learn new ways to accentuate the aspects he liked in a slightly different way to make yourself look amazing for him.

If you know he responded well to certain types of touch, use those again but think about how you can subtly take that touch to the next level as soon as the time is right.

While the relationship may have ended in divorce, there are still so many things that weren’t a problem in the relationship and so many things that your ex will still find appealing about you.

Identify what they, accentuate them as much as you can, and make sure he sees them at every opportunity.

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Seduce Your Ex Husband By Increasingly Flirting

Subtle flirting will undoubtedly increase your husbands desire to be around you, and ultimately to become intimate with you again.

But remember, very importantly, it must be subtle otherwise you run the risk of him pulling away if he thinks you’re trying to get him back when he’s either not ready for it or not thinking about it directly at all.

Approach it as some casual sexual innuendo casually thrown into the conversation like it’s no big deal, or as a subtle physical touch here and there like you would a really good friend.

Don’t overdo it and read the situation very carefully, but also remember that this is a key component to get him back fast.

When you give him a casual touch or say something laced with a hint of innuendo note closely his reaction.

If he’s not comfortable with it then back off, and try again later in a slightly different way.

But if he responds well to it then you know you can increase the flirting.

Again, you know this man very well, so you know what to talk about to push his buttons.

But remember that he knows you very well too, so keep it playful and casual to start with until you notice you’re getting a more positive flirty response from him in return.

You can do this by being a little more direct with the sexuality of your remarks or comments, to the point where you may both end up having a conversation about something sex related that can very easily have flirting involved.

Flirting doesn’t always come easy to every woman though, at times it can be downright scary and leave you completely tongue tied as you struggle with what to say and how to say it.

However if you truly want to reunite intimately with your ex husband and seduce him back into your life then you must make the choice to meet this task head on, as without flirting with him you simply will not get him back.

With this in mind it’s amazingly helpful to have direct guidance on exactly what to say that taps into the sexual psychology of men.

This is where the ‘Language of Desire’ detailed guide has helped me and many thousands of women to tap into men’s wildest fantasies through words alone.

Using the right language you can make him see a lover he can simply never live without.

For more on this amazing program click here to see it now.

And rest assured, by injecting some flirtatious, fun and sensual conversation into the social setting using well thought out language you are assured to be on his mind (and hopefully his body!) for some time to come!

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Seduce Your Ex Husband By Making It Feel New Again

Hit the reset button on everything.

Approach the task like it’s a brand new relationship with someone you know, completely separate from any relationship you may have had with them in the past.

This is no stretch of the truth, as you’ve already parted ways or divorced and therefore will absolutely be building something new to whatever level you wish to.

You are different people because of your prior experiences in some senses, think of it and treat it as such, and come at the seduction of your ex husband with the mindset of it feeling like a completely new relationship.

In doing this, he’ll also feel this vibe and won’t have any of the resistance he might otherwise have.

Make it a brand new first date, a brand new first kiss, and brand new first intimate encounter, right up to the brand new wedding if that’s what you so desire.

There is an excellent way to get into this mindset, and it’s covered in great detail in the Ex Factor guide which teaches women how to identify the key buttons that you need to push in order to engage a man’s hard-wired feelings and desires, even if you’ve been married and divorced.

Far from thinking you’ve lost everything and going to bed in tears, this guide will turn your perspective around entirely and you will learn exactly how to erase all negative memories and thoughts he has of you and replace them with amazingly positive ones.

You’ll also learn how establish a new and healthy relationship by tapping into his primal, subconscious feelings and plant the seeds of passion, romance and sexuality anew in a step-by-step process.

Reading the Ex Factor guide is perhaps the very best opportunity you will ever get to seduce your ex husband back into your arms, and you can access it here.

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Seduce Your Ex Husband By Reminding Him What He Loved

As part of seducing your ex make sure to subtly bring up aspects of your prior relationship that were good, especially from a sexual perspective.

You don’t necessarily want to talk about them explicitly, but rather come at the ‘concept’ of what you both experienced within a separate story.

Once you’ve brought the concept up you can see how receptive he is and choose whether or not to bring up your own shared experience as the ice is broken on the topic and you won’t be blurting it out of the blue.

Make sure to avoid anything that was a sore point or that led to the marriage breakdown and divorce in the first place as you will make the seduction so much harder.

Don’t make any explicit mention of wanting to get back together, rather use conversation to casually help him remember the intimate times, and ultimately make him miss you.

For a detailed article on this topic read my article ‘how to make a man miss you, ’23’ actionable methods’, you’ll get so many fantastic additional tips and tactics to use so do check that out.

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Seduce Your Ex Husband By Touching With Increasing Intimacy

Touching, as mentioned in an earlier section, is an extremely powerful extension of flirting.

There’s no doubt that it’s a sure-fire way to increase the bond and also the sexual tension with another person, and is mandatory if you wish to seduce your ex-husband back again.

You should casually touch him in a playful and flirty way, let it linger for touch a moment, and immediately break the contact and assess his reaction.

If he’s ok with it then you know you can touch him again at some point and let it linger for longer, or even touch him in a more sensual place.

Taking it to the next level of the first new kiss can be tricky though, however I’ve got exactly the plan you need.

I’ve written a guide on exactly how to get under his radar and know for sure if he’s ready to be kissed or not which you can access here.

And I don’t stop there, I’ve also written a guide for you on how to get a guy to kiss you with asking, you absolutely do not want to miss out on this article.

But… what it touching isn’t something you naturally do, or what if you’re totally unsure how to approach this aspect with your ex-husband, given that he’s now just that, your ex.

It can be a nightmare trying to fire out how to escalate to touching him again!

To get around this I bring you back to the Ex Factor guide which expertly teaches you to breeze straight past his natural urges to resist any advances.

For example, a section of the guide details how to get him thinking about the most fun and intimate times you shared in the past, without even saying a word to him!

You can find the ex factor guide for seducing your ex-husband here.

The ExFactor Guide

Seduce Your Ex Husband By Escalating Everything That’s Working

So you’ve got him alone in a one on one situation wherever that may be.

A lunch catch-up, a party with mutual friends, or even reminiscing at a bar, whatever the situation you can begin the processes of seducing him again without too much interruption.

It will likely take a number of steps and attempts, so remember to start out easy so that you don’t scare him off.

Very quickly you’ll figure out what is pushing all the right buttons in terms of what you do to increase the new bond and sexual tension between you both, and it’s those things you must focus on.

Subtly but undeniably accentuate and escalate everything that’s working and is getting him to reciprocate, and this especially goes for touch.

Each time you successfully escalate, the closer you become to fully seducing him back into your arms.

How To Seduce Your Husband Back After Divorce In A Nutshell

Enhance what originally worked, flirt and touch playfully and make it feel new again, and escalate every aspect of the seduction of your ex husband that has a positive effect on him.

And remember that we’re not all seasoned seductresses.

Should you need the very best of help to seduce your husband back again then start with the excellent Ex Factor guide which will teach you to unlock all the positive feelings has for you and build on them anew, bringing him back into your arms (and your bedroom).

And if you need the extra intensity of sensually seductive things to say and language to use to have him wrapped around your little finger then invest you time in the Language of Desire guide, you absolutely won’t regret it.

There is absolutely no time like the present, so get your seduction started now and get him back into your life just the way you want him to be. 

All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 💕

Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

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