Thinking back over the years, whenever I found myself with guy I really liked or was falling for, my mind invariably went to the common question of how to make a man miss you.

After discussing this very question with my friends (which included my dog, I don’t mind admitting) I realised very quickly that my previous awkward stabs in the dark could be very easily improved on, and that there we very specific techniques I could put into action immediately to make a guy miss me.

Making him miss you is most certainly not rocket science, and it revolves around a combination of scarcity, subtle and fun teasing and mystery, and being your best and most authentic ‘You’ during the times you’re together.

Whether you’re rekindling an old flame or just want to reinvigorate your current relationship, you can never have too many tactics for when it comes to how to get a man to miss you like crazy.

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23 ACTIONABLE Methods On How To Make A Man Miss You (That Work Fast)


1. Intentionally Leave Things Behind

Make a point of intentionally leaving something behind in his car or home, it can be surprising the effect that this can have.

Think back to times in the past where you’ve been tidying up and found something from your partner that reminds you of a fantastic experience, this is exactly the feeling you’re aiming to foster in him.

Make sure it’s nothing too intimate like a hairbrush or personal care item as it may come across a little too intense (you don’t want him thinking you’re trying to move in).

Rather, approach it with ‘fun’ in mind, and leave an old movie ticket or bracelet you would where when you both go out.

Finding these items will remind him of you and keep him thinking fondly of you.

2. Don’t Have Your Phone Handy ALL The Time

Avoid instantly replying to text messages or immediately reacting to his social media posts.
Of course sometimes replying quickly is fine and on some occasions in instant reply is absolutely required.

However delay your responses at other times in order to create a sense of curiosity in him about what you’re doing that’s causing the delay.

It will allow his thoughts to linger on you for longer and eventually he’ll have the feeling of missing your contact.

Remember though, don’t do this every time, and ensure that you randomize the amounts of time you wait between responses.

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3. Throw In Surprise Experiences

If lunch or dinner dates have been the norm up to this point, randomly switch things up and organize some minigolf, indoor rock climbing, or anything else that’s out of the norm.

Make sure they’re things you’ll both really enjoy (the more he enjoys it the more he’ll remember it) and you’ll leave him thinking about you, and your somewhat spontaneous nature, for a long time to come.


4. Wear A Perfume You Know He Loves

There’s a powerful connection between emotions and scent, so it pays to find out what perfume he prefers you wear.

Make sure you wear it often, every time you’re together in fact.

Before long he’ll start to make a connection between that scent and the great times you have together, and he’ll notice much more when you’re not around by the absence of that perfume.

5. Create Space Between Each Other

Men, more so than women, need a little space to recharge and be themselves for a while.

Not only will he thank you for giving him a little space occasionally, but if you extend that space out just little, especially if you’ve recently come off an amazing date or experience together, he’ll miss you all the more.

Just make sure you don’t let it drag out for too long or you run the risk of him thinking you’re not interested.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!


6. Touch And Go

This technique can be extremely powerful and works exceptionally well early on in a relationship.

You simply touch him in a playful and flirty way, let it linger for just a moment, and then immediately break that contact.

All of his attention will be yours at that point and he’ll instantly miss your touch.
If you want to take it up a level, the effect is really magnified if you break the contact and find a reason to go elsewhere straight away.

This also works extremely well when your goal is to get your ex back, and is a fantastic technique to incorporate into a full “getting your ex back plan” as reviewed here.


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7. Tease

Teasing can incorporate verbal or physical queues, and is often shrouded in subtle hints and mystery that you have full control of.

It’s no secret that guys appreciate a woman’s outer beauty, so if you dress to impress he’s going to be left with those thoughts of you long after you’re gone.

Additionally, the odd flirty touch here and there will also remain a strong memory in his mind.
It’s the little things such as these that will keep him missing you whenever you’re not with him.


8. Occasionally Leave Him Wanting

This is true whether you’ve just started dating, been in a relationship for years, or even if you trying to win him back.

Make sure that occasionally you playfully pull back a little and leave him wanting.

What this means is that regardless of what you’re doing, intentionally cut it off a little early such that he feels a little pang of disappointment that you’re leaving.

In essence you’re playing hard to get, and in this way you’ll most definitely have him missing you right up to the point that you’re together again.


9. Highlight Your Independent Life

Do new, exciting or adventurous things without him and highlight them on social media.
If an interested man sees you independently having the time of your life and experiencing new and wonderful things he will most definitely be drawn to you.

People are drawn to those who are confident, outgoing, and who take actively pursue opportunities in life to learn and experience amazing things.

Social media is the perfect platform to show these aspects of your life off, and chances are that guy you want will keep going back to your social media posts for a reminder of what he’s missing.

10. Reinvent Your Look

This takes the ‘make-over’ one step further – reinvent your look with something fresh and sexy.

This will surprise the man you want and have him excited by the fact that you’re confident and adventurous enough to revamp your look. You definitely won’t leave his mind.

This is a truly outstanding way to win an ex back too. Simply be somewhere that you know he’ll be, be confident and happy, and make a point of bumping into him. If you want his attention this is hands down one of the best ways to get it!


11. Show Some Interest In Someone Else

With this technique your aim is to get him to think he’s missed out on you, or that he may soon miss out on you.

You simply show a small amount of interest in someone else. This doesn’t mean romantic interest as such, but rather that you’re giving them a reasonable amount of your time and are interested in learning more about them.

You man’s emotions will kick in as he realizes what he may be about to lose and he’ll automatically want to be closer to you.

This should be used with caution however as in many ways you’re using jealousy to get his attention, and different people deal with jealousy in different ways.

Use your common sense to figure out if it’s appropriate in your situation.


12. Have Other Male Friends

This is an extension of the last technique of showing interest in someone else, however in this case you’re not showing any romantic interest in anyone nor are you giving your attention to a new guy.

Rather, you simply hang out with platonic male friends without hiding the fact that you’re doing it.

The man (or ex!) you want will notice this and his mind will wander to thoughts of you potentially starting a relationship with one of these male friends. Meaning of course, that he misses out. It will certainly keep you at the forefront of his mind.

Again, this is likely going to invoke a little jealousy on the part of the man, so you want to use this method with caution and always keep a level head on your shoulders about it.


13. Strategically Friend Zone Him

Is he starting to expect that you’ll show little signs of affection every time you’re together?

This will work very well in a relationship that’s starting to get hot and heavy, simply requiring you to pull back on the affection just a little.

This means that on occasion you should avoid ‘petting’ in any intimate manner, and even avoid physical intimacy.

However, make sure you do it extremely subtly otherwise you’ll run the risk of him thinking you’re becoming disinterested.


14. End Conversations First

Be the one to say good bye.

If you’re on a date, be the one to end it. If you’re on the phone, be the one to end the call.
Even if you’re having a text message conversation, tell him you have things to do and you’ll get back to him a little later.

By ending things when he’s not quite ready to you put the power in your hands and he’ll miss you like crazy until you contact him again.

And chances are that before long he’ll miss you enough that he’ll actually be the one to re-initiate contact! Win for you!


15. Move Slower Than He Wants

Besides protecting you from giving him everything he wants too quickly and experiencing any resulting disinterest, this strategy instead keeps him wanting more and more.

Despite him wanting to spend more and more time with you, you should resist the urge to meet those needs and do the exact opposite.
Give him space.

This will allow a little mystery to linger as the relationship grows and prevents it from burning too bright in the beginning only to fizzle out extremely quickly.

The simple act of slowing things down just a little will light a fire in him and make him desire you all the more, and of course miss you big time when you’re not around.


16. Delay Making or Returning Calls

Do you normally call him at a certain time each day? If you miss a call do you usually get back to him right away?

Put the brakes on doing these things from time to time.

Get out of any routine of making calls so that he never knows when you might contact him and is actually given time to miss you.

If you miss a call, whether he leaves a voice message or not, don’t always be in a rush to call him right back.

He obviously wants to talk to you so making him wait a little to ignite his feeling of missing you when he can’t get hold of you right away.

17. Ditch The Social Media

Social media is an easy way for people to see what we’re up to, and also for the man you like to interact with you every time you post.

So if you’re a big poster on social media then stop posting for a little while. Post one picture or update in the time you would normally do five or even ten.

This way he won’t be able to get his social media fix and see something new about you, be it a picture, update or anything else.

It will keep him guessing, wanting to engage with you and missing you more overall.


18. Be Bubbly And Happy

Guys want to feel good around you, and very little beats being bubbly, happy and as confident as possible to get a man interested and stay interested.

If at any point he’s feeling down over something you’ll be his go to person to brighten his day.
An important point here is to make sure you’re genuinely happy.

Do things in your life that create a sense of happiness, whether it’s learning something new, planning and booking a holiday, or loving the work you do.

In doing this, if things don’t work out with this particular guy then chances are you’ll be so happy with the other aspects of your life that you’ll get past him so much quicker and easier!


19. Be The Girl He Would Miss

Every man has his preferences in a partner. And this goes beyond the generic being ‘happy and confident’ around him.

Find out what he values in a woman. Everything from the look he likes, the mutual interests or pass-times you both have, even the type of humor he enjoys, and be the person who shares that with him.

People are automatically attracted towards those who share their interests and who they find attractive physically.

Be that person, and you’ll be the type of girl he will miss.


20. Don’t Always Be Available

If you make yourself available all the time you will diminish his sense of valuing your time.
Play the strategic game make yourself unavailable to him at times.

He’ll soon realise that you won’t come at his every beck and call, he’ll value the times you are together so much more.

As always, don’t push this too far just in case he starts to think you’re not interested. Play it by ear and use your instinct to assess how much you can use this tactic.


21. Play Hard To Get

This one is an extension of the last technique of not making yourself available all the time.

The difference being that in not making yourself available you do it subtly, and in playing hard to get you make sure he knows you’re intentionally making yourself unavailable to him occasionally.

This works exceptionally well early on in a relationship or when there’s mutual sexual tension in particular situation.

Make it flirty, make it fun, and even go as far as telling him he has to wait for whatever enjoyable experience it is that you’re both expecting.

When he knows that you’re intentionally playing hard to get in a flirty manner he won’t stop thinking about you until you’re both together again enjoying each other’s company!


22. Leave A Little Mystery

Don’t share everything right from the outset.

During conversations leave little hints about the deeper aspects of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you’re working to accomplish in the future.

This adds mystery to you, will keep him asking questions to find out more when you pique his interest, and keep him continually thinking about the things he’s yet to find out about you when you’re not around.


23. Share Adventures With Friends Where He Was Absent

If you’re having fun with friends, let him know about it.

You can do this via social media posts or, if you’re in a relationship, by letting him know directly.

When he realizes you’re having a load of fun with your friends, and importantly, after you’ve spent a little time apart while you’re having this fun, he’ll begin to wish he was the one having fun with you.

This can work particularly well if you have an ex you’re trying to win back. Post your adventures on social media where he’ll see them, or mention your fun and exciting times to mutual friends, and there’s a chance he’ll start to look at you in a new light and miss the times you both spent together.

When aiming to win your ex back this is an outstanding technique to use in conjunction with The Ex Factor Guide to getting your ex back into your life, which we’ve done a detailed review on here.


What Are YOUR Successful Tips To Make Him Miss You?

Have you used any of these strategies or developed any super sneaky tactics of your own to get a man to miss you? What has worked well for you in the past?

Join the conversation in the comments section below and let us know any techniques you’ve had success with!

All the best in life, love and happiness.

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Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

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