How to get a guy to kiss you without asking can seem like an impossible task.

BUT… this doesn’t have to be the case!

As I’m about to reveal, there are set steps that even a beginner can use to get the man to make the first move.


How Do I Make Him Make The First Move…?

In my last article on how to know if a guy want to kiss you, I discussed the undeniable signs that he’s ready, however…

What if neither of you can quite pluck up the courage…

How do you make HIM make the first move…?

To be honest I’ve lost count of how many potential perfect relationships
might have been because neither me or the guy I was flirting with could get
up the courage to make the first move.

I’m sure you can relate… both of you clearly attracted to each other but
stuck in that massively frustrating limbo between wanting to kiss and
actually going in for that perfect kiss.

Actually, frustration doesn’t even begin to explain it.

Sounds familiar right?

But after some pointed girlfriend advice and no small amount of trial and
error (lots of error… 😖😖), I discovered a technique that literally
GUARANTEES that kiss!

The steps are are as follows:

    • The Strategic Touch
    • Subtle & Specific Movement
    • The Final ‘Move’

Let’s take a deeper look at what these steps are and how I go about getting the kiss…! 


How To Get A Guy To Kiss You, ‘Steps


Kiss Step 1 : The Strategic Touch

First of all, remember that proximity and touch are everything!

When I’m in conversation with a guy I’ll casually reach over and touch his
hair or beard (or if he’s bald his head in general) and comment on it,
compliment it in some way.

This is IMMENSELY POWERFUL because you both want to touch each
other, and you’ve just done it in a way that gives you plausible deniability.

This means that you have a perfectly reasonable explanation on why you’re
touching him, but deep down you both know that you simply want to be

You’re making the crucial connection between not touching yet, and
starting to touch in an intimate way.


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Kiss Step 2 : Subtle & Specific Movement

At this stage, providing he doesn’t pull away (a clear sign to stop) and is
relaxed, I’ll keep stroking his hair while moving in a little closer, stop the
conversation, but crucially, I’ll start to linger a look from his eyes to his lips
and back to his eyes…


The feelings of attraction and sexual tension at this point will be
overwhelming and you will likely find him leaning in towards you and
returning your look.

By now he’ll be SO ready to kiss you that he’ll either make the move
himself or you can confidently do it yourself without any fear of rejection.

And from here…

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Kiss Step 3 : The Final ‘Move’

…all that’s left to do now is kiss the man.

If he’s not making the move himself, you will literally not have any better opportunity to kiss him.

You have nothing to fear at this point and you can confidently make the move to kiss!

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All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 💕


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Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by RelationshipFruit .com! As someone who struggled with men and relationships for quite some years I’m happy to say that my current long-term relationship could not possibly be any better! Slowly but surely this website is becoming the embodiment of everything I’ve learnt and studied over the years to improve myself and understand those crazy (and lovable!) creatures called men. Please make yourself at home, check out my articles to learn from my mistakes, and connect with me anytime in the comments 😘

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