There was a time when the question how do I know if he wants to kiss me, was next to impossible for me to figure out.

The only time I REALLY knew it for sure was when he’d had enough of my nervousness and simply went in for the kiss, or if I’d had enough of my own nervousness and simply went for it myself.

But… getting to that point can be scary as it can put us in quite a vulnerable position.

I’m sure you can relate!

So, how do you tell if he actually wants to kiss you so that you can make the move with confidence?

But through a LOT of observation and endless discussions with girl friends a lot more capable with men that I was, I discovered a few secret ‘tells’ and little-known signs that GUARANTEE that he’s ABSOLUTELY ready to kiss me… they’ve worked for me and they’ll definitely work for you!

Those signs are:

    • Close Proximity To You
    • Intentional Lingering
    • Strong Eye Contact
    • Open Flirting
    • A Touch Of Nerves
    • Undeniable Chemistry
    • Exhilarating Touch

Let’s look deeper at each one in turn…



How Do I Know If He Wants To Kiss Me ‘Signs’


Kiss Sign 1 : Close Proximity To You

Has he put himself close to you when he could have easily sat or stood elsewhere, or even been somewhere else entirely?

Is he close enough that a conversation could start easily or has already started?

If the answer is Yes, then make no mistake, this is the first sign that he’s not only attracted to you but that he’s also open to kissing you…

Congratulations, you’ve just made your start!


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Kiss Sign 2 : Intentional Lingering

Is he keeping the conversation going when he could be elsewhere?

Perhaps he’s lingering at the door after taking you home, or especially that heart-pounding moment when he hesitates a little before releasing a hug with your faces close.

It’s these lingering moments that give you the subtle but vital indicator that he wants to kiss you.

And on that note, make sure you reciprocate the lingering moments, it will help him to know you’re ready and to make that move!

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Kiss Sign 3 : Strong Eye Contact

His eyes will tell you volumes.

If he’s maintaining longer than usual eye contact it’s because he finds you attractive.

His intention to kiss you is massively enhanced if his lingering gaze drops down to your lips.

If his gaze moves slowly between your mouth and your eyes then there is no doubt, he’s ready for that kiss.


Kiss Sign 4 : Open Flirting

Flirting, especially if there’s a sexual or sensual undertone to it, is an outright expression of attraction for someone.

All of those little compliments, the good-natured ‘digs’, the teasing comments with a hint of naughtiness that get your pulse racing…

It’s clear, he’s into you.


Kiss Sign 5 : A Touch Of Nerves

Initiating that first kiss can sometimes be a complete nerve-wracking step into the unknown, and often he won’t know if you’re totally ready to be kissed yet.

An easy way to tell if he’s gauging your readiness for a kiss is his level of nervousness.

If he’s gone from being cool, calm and collected, to acting nervous, fidgety and unsure, then it’s GUARANTEED that he’s working up the courage to kiss you.

Kiss Sign 6 : Undeniable Chemistry

Have the pauses in conversation stopped being awkward and become a chance to simply stare at each other?

Is the close proximity obviously getting you both a little hot and bothered?

Physical and sexual chemistry is something you can truly ‘feel’.

When you have it, you’ll know it, and you’ll KNOW that he’s ready to kiss you. 


Kiss Sign 7 : Exhilarating Touch

That EXHILARATING moment when the guy you like touches you…

It could be touching legs while you sit side by side, his hand on your lower back as he ushers you romantically through an opened door, or his arm or hand resting on your knee, shoulder or arm.

If you’re getting the attraction signs and he’s comfortable touching you in this way then he’s ABSOLUTELY going to be comfortable kissing you.

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These are things we instinctively know, but unless these seven POWERFUL ‘tells’ are spelled out we seldom think about them in the moment.

However now you have these SURE SIGNS available to you so you can be CERTAIN that he’s attracted to you and wants that kiss.

When was the last time you made the first move, and did you use any of signs to know he was ready to be kissed? Join the conversation below in the comments section and share your stories and tips!


All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka 💕

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Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

Hi, I'm Bekka! 🙂

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