“Ding Ding…” 📱💬

Your chest begins to flutter as your heart rate climbs at hearing the new message arrive…

You KNOW it’s him responding to your text.

Immediately you pick up your phone scrambling to unlock it and read your man’s response to the hot text message you sent him a few short minutes ago…

With a few frenzied and impatient taps you check your messages to confirm who it’s from… it’s him.

Your heart skips a beat and your mind races wondering how he’ll respond to your hot, flirty and downright naughty text message.

You open his message and start to read, and as soon as you lay eyes on his words your body floods with adrenalin, your skin breaks out in goose bumps and you mind is almost blinded with excitement…

You’ve done it!

You’ve figured out what hot, flirty and sensual things to say to your guy over text message, and right now you’re building up crazy amounts of sexual tension and energy that will lead to one of the best experiences of your lives.


Never has it been so easy and fun to turn your guy on by using subtle, and not so subtle, hot things to say to a guy over text message.

Chances are he’s on your mind 24/7, and chances are that he’s thinking about you just as much, probably letting his mind wander to as many hot and steamy scenarios as you are.

However before we dive into the specific lines it’s important to understand why hot text messages work and which ones to use so that you can get the response and the steamy encounter from him that you desire.


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Why Saying Hot Things To A Guy By Text Works So WELL (KNOWLEDGE is POWER)

Using flirty hot text messages to really heat up the sexual energy, and very importantly, the sexual tension, is perhaps the very best way to tease him and get under his skin in the naughtiest way possible.

There are a three BIG reasons for this:


1. Surprise

Firstly, a text message with subtle yet unmistakable sexual undertones being received by your man completely by surprise will definitely get his attention in a good way.

In a similar vein, think about any time you received an unexpected compliment, it made you feel really good!

A flirty text message shows that you are interested in him, and attracted to him, and he’ll automatically feel great as a general response to your message, just like you felt great when you received the compliment.


A flirty hot text message also has a sexual component

There’s no doubt that he’ll feel great that you’re quite obviously attracted to him and thinking about him, but that’s not all.

He’ll also find his blood pumping faster once he realizes that your surprise message also shows that you’re thinking about him sexually right at that point in time.

This surprise can be super powerful.

Just make sure that you measure the intensity of your initial message to suit the man.

Because if you come on way too strong from the outset without knowing what he responds well to you might find he simply becomes uncomfortable, which of course defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve.

There’s no hard and fast rule on how intense you should make initial messages as every guy is different in this regard.

Until you know his limits though, start out fairly tame and work up.


2. Unspoken Innuendo To Stoke The Fire

If you want to get your guy’s mind going crazy with hot thoughts about you then using various levels of creative sexual innuendo will absolutely do the trick.

A hot sexual innuendo text message involves hinting at the possibility of sex, although the message will be slightly ambiguous.

The receiving guy should be ever so slightly unsure about if he’s actually getting the meaning of your message correctly or if he’s reading things into it.

It’s important to note here that it only has to be the tiniest sliver of ambiguity to really hook him.

In a study conducted by Researchers at the University of Texas, in Austin, and the University of New Brunswick, Canada, it was found the motives for teasing and using sexual innuendo were similar between men and women.

The findings confirmed that the person doing the teasing usually wanted the make the receiver want them sexually, and to see how much they wanted them sexually.

This will not be lost on your man.

Without having to give it any deep thought he will know exactly what you are getting at with a well constructed text message laced with racy sexual innuendo and subtle teasing.

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3. Confident Explicitness Is POWER

Confidence is easily one of the most attractive quality a woman can have.

It shows that you are comfortable and happy with who you are, it asserts power, and it shows you to be the type of person who doesn’t mind taking the sexual reigns occasionally (or all the time!).

Confidence appears to radiate an aura that draws people in, and this will be no different for your man in drawing him to you.

Provided you’ve already been intimate with him and know his limits and his likes and dislikes, it will often benefit you to be confidently explicit with your hot and steamy text messages to him.


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This is where you are extremely clear in telling him what you want to do to him, what you want him to do to you, and what you want to do together.

There should be no cause for confusion with these types of hot text messages and no ambiguity.

A large number of the text messages listed in the section below will be firmly seated in the Confidently Explicit category.

But be warned, these examples are sometimes quite full on and should be used for sending hot text messages to a guy that you’ve already had a sexual encounter with.

If you’ve not been intimate with him before you run a high risk of making him uncomfortable which might lead to him drawing away from you.

Ultimately however, if you start fairly tame and work up you’ll quickly get a feel for what’s acceptable as the text messages get raunchier, especially if his messages in response continue to increase the heat.

And while we’re talking about what level of intensity you should start off with, let’s look at a few more super important hot text message tips that will give you the best possibly experience…

The RULES Regarding Hot Things To Say To A Guy Over Text

Some of these extremely important points have been touched on already however need fleshing out so that you don’t find yourself in hot water.

The last thing you want it to push him away or offend him in some way, and being aware of these four points will go a long way to ensuring that you succeed in getting the hot encounter you both want.

First let’s talk about…


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1. Testing The Hot-Text Waters

Have you ever had a guy approach you and get overtly sexual extremely quickly?

Let’s face it, most of us have experienced this in some way at some point in out lives, and it’s not the most comfortable of situations.

Sure there’s a point in the ‘courting’ where you’ll be receptive to it, or even outright want it.

But if it comes too quickly before you’ve had a proper chance to build sufficient rapport with the guy then, as you know, it doesn’t go over too well.

Despite the sexual preoccupation that many man seem to have in droves, they too, can be susceptible to women who come on too strong from the outset.

With this in mind you have to moderate the hot things you say to a guy over text message, at least until you get to know him fairly well.

Eventually you’ll become quite aware of what you man likes and dislikes when it comes to dirty talk, sexual innuendo and hot and racy text messages.

But if the dating situation or relationship is quite new then you won’t have this knowledge, and you run the risk of coming on too strong or saying something that he’ll find offensive.

Ultimately this can lead to him being pushed away from you.

So… what to do?

While this article deals with very flirty and hot texts to send to a guy it should go without saying (almost… I’ll say it anyway) that if you’re just starting out as a beginner with flirty text messages you should keep it extremely tame.

For beginner examples of flirty starter texts to send to a guy to turn him on check out my article on how to talk dirty to a guy.

Suffice it to say that if you start out slow and he’s not receptive to it then you might have the tinniest bit of embarrassment, and truth be told he’s unlikely to have any hard feelings about it at all.

However if he is receptive to it and responds in kind, things can heat up extremely quickly and he’ll leave you without any doubts as to what his comfort level is!

Which brings us to what you should do once you know his limits and comfort zone…


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2. Hitting His TRIGGER Points With Texts

You’ve been dating for some months, you’re becoming extremely close and you’ve come to know some of each other’s deepest likes and dislikes.

For best results with sending flirty text messages to your man you need to play on his likes.

Strong focus should be given touching on the trigger points that you know are an attraction switch for him.

If you KNOW he gets really turned on when you wear certain things, incorporate those descriptively into your text message.

If you KNOW he goes wild when you perform a certain sex act on him then creatively include that in your messages.

If you KNOW there’s a certain thing he likes to do to you while you’re rolling in the hay, include it with a vivid description.

If you KNOW he has a certain fantasy he likes to play out then include that with some juicy details in the hot text messages you send to him.

Remember that while it pays to ask him specifically to do certain things to you via text message that you like, in order to turn up the heat it also pays BIG dividends to make him the focus as well.

If you ignore his attraction switches entirely you’ll have a much harder time getting the responses you want.

In fact, you may even find a little boredom or resentment wriggling its way in and he’ll switch off to you so some degree, perhaps even entirely.

By putting the focus on him, at least half of the time during your texting session, you’ll be able to hit the triggers that you KNOW turn him on.

This is extremely powerful!

Knowing exactly what turns a man on, you can get extremely targeted with your sexy text messages and have him turned on FAST and super intensely.

However, to do this most effectively you MUST be…


3. Texting In The Moment

For the most part, texting your man should feel effortless.

The last thing you should feel is pressured or uncomfortable, and you should only send hot suggestive texts to your guy if you are texting in the moment.

Here’s exactly what I mean by texting in the moment:

Firstly, ensure that you’re turned on yourself to the degree that you sincerely, even desperately, want to have him and have him now.

By texting while you feel like this you’ll be ensuring that what you say comes from the heart and it won’t feel forced.

Importantly, it won’t come across as forced either and this is important.

He’s likely to get subtle cues in your language if you’re pushing yourself way out of your comfort zone or if you’re not really into it.

So ensure that you come from a place of already being turned on and thinking naughty thoughts about him, and to a large degree the racy hot text message will take care of itself.

Secondly, make sure you’ve got a time and a place to get the sexual release you both will be craving.

After a few racy text messages loaded with innuendo and not-so-subtle descriptive sex talk, there’s no doubt that you’ll both be ready to tear each other’s clothes of at first sight.

At this stage you REALLY don’t want to let him down if you were the initiator.

You should do your best to make sure you’ve got somewhere that you can both enjoy each other in privacy and for an extended period.

This is an important aspect of texting hot things to your guy “in the moment”.

Failure to have a suitable sex location which results in unfulfilled desires will quickly also result in him switching off to any future sexts you send.

Now, before you run off and make sure you’ve cancelled all your visitors for the evening and start sending naughty texts to your man, just remember to be careful when walking… 


4. The Full-On Pic Sexting Tight Rope

Sending sexy pictures of yourself can be an extremely strong turn on for both him and you, there’s no doubt about it.

But remember that you’re putting pictures of yourself in various states of undress into the hands of someone else.

You must be extremely certain that you can trust your man to do the right thing and keep them to himself.

This goes for not only in the moment, but also in the future should you ever part company.

If in doubt, leave the sexy pictures out.

Now, let’s get down the nitty-gritty with some hot things to say to a guy over text message shall we…


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Hot Things To Say To A Guy Over Text Message

Flirty texting and sexting comes in various levels of intensity, and each should be used in the right context.

This context will largely be dependent on your man and how intimate you’ve already been with each other.

Only you will ultimately know where that level of intensity and sexual chemistry is.

However by reading each section and flirty line below you’ll very easily get a feel for which ones you’re comfortable with and which ones you’re not.

Remember, if in doubt, start tame and work your way up.


Dirty Flirting Texts

1. I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing under this … I think you’re going to like it!

2. I need to get you home ASAP!

3. I know you’re not a wizard, but I think your mouth is pretty magical. I can think of a few places I want it right now. Wait, maybe you ARE a wizard.

4. Work/Study sucks. . .especially when I’m getting distracted thinking about this hot guy I know and his fantastic body.

5. I keep having this recurring dream that you’re trying to get me naked… weird.

6. Lying in bed and bored. Wish you were here to play Simon Says with me 😉

7. Hey babe, would you like me to wear my lacy or sporty thong tonight?

8. Guess what I’m wearing right now…?

9. Stop thinking about me naked! Sheesh…

10. I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing… I think you’re going to like it!

11. I learned this new yoga pose, I’m pretty flexible now!

12. Good morning! I’m not wearing a bra right now, just thought you should know…


Texts To Get Him Unashamedly Turned On

13. Red panties or black?

14. I’m so bored I’m checking out sex toys online.

15. Hey, I’m having some trouble unhooking my bra. Can you come over and do it for me?

16. *When he asks what you are doing* “I was just going for a shower, you could join too, if you’d like.”

17. What is the dirtiest thought you have had about me? I already know mine!

18. Could really use some help putting this sunscreen on right now. And I’ll need help taking the bikini off later.

19. Confession: I’ve been naughty today and probably deserve a spanking.

20. If I were with you right now, where would you want me to touch you?

21. Just got out of the shower and had to text this really sexy guy I know. Didn’t even have time to put clothes on.

22. There is something insanely hot when I pin you down.

23. You were screaming some pretty dirty words a few nights ago, wanna do it again tonight?

24. So I was thinking about you and me… and suddenly I found myself undressed.

25. I think there’s something insanely sexy about a woman taking control… agree?

26. I think it’s time we tried (fill in the blank)…

27. What are you doing for dinner tonight? I thought about getting reservations for my bedroom but I wanted to make sure you were free.

28. Lying in bed and bored…

29. Would you be mad if I cooked for you in lingerie?


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 Full-On Sexting

30. I’m seriously ready to take every inch of you…

31. How would you feel if I made out with a girl?” *Grin*

32. I love it when you hold my arms over my head.

33. Have you ever had a wet dream with me in it? Be honest . . 

34. If you could do anything you want to me, what would you do?

35. Feeling you overpower me and dominate me is so damn hot!

36. I’m lying in bed right now touching myself thinking about you. Care to give me a hand?

37. I’m soaking wet right and it’s all your fault. You really need to be here right now to bend me over and take care of me.”

38. You can put it anywhere…

39. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to fuck me?

40. I had the sexiest dirtiest wettest dream last night. Wanna hear about it over text or in person?

41. I made a big mess today. I think you’ll have to give me a good spanking tonight…

42. Have you jerked off lately? If not, maybe I can help.


Getting Visual

43. “I’m trying on these new bras but I need a second opinion, what do you think?” *Follow up with some sexy lingerie pictures*

44. Blindfolds and gags tonight? *Follow up with pics of something that can be used as a blind fold and/or gag*

45. You show me your nudes and I’ll show you mine…

46. Could really do with a pic to hold me over…

47. *Picture of you from the waist up with you hair covering your boobs.*

48. *Picture of you in no clothes and your legs and arms crossed so that he knows you don’t have panties on but can’t see anything else*

49. *Picture of you grabbing your boobs but with a shirt on and a naughty expression on your face.*

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Final Thoughts On Hot Things To Say To A Guy Over Text

It’s important to remember that all of these texts are not set in stone.

If you can alter them to suit your own personality more closely then do it

If you can change them up to have a contextual link to a shared prior encounter then go for it.

If you find a way to alter one to better suit the attraction triggers of your man then go with your guy instinct.

After all, you know him best, you know what he likes, and you probably have a really good idea of what’s going to get you the hot sexy results and experiences you desire and deserve.

So be confident in your ability to send sincere hot texts to your guy when the mood strikes you, and be confident in your ability to change the examples given to suit your situation best.

And if you want even more information on how to talk dirty to a guy with ‘usable’ examples then check out my article specifically on this here.

Additionally, if you want to learn about specific words and language you can use to turn a guy on big time then check out my review and recommendation of the hugely popular Language of Desire program.

Have you turned yourself from mild to wild with your own sexy texts? Join the conversation below in the comments section and share your tips with us!


All the best in life, love and happiness – Bekka

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