I’m Bekka M, a social worker from NYC (a pen name due to the sensitivity of my work 🙂). I’m one of a ‘posse’ of four city gals (plus one guy Marc who’s our website builder and occasional editor) who came together to share our thoughts, ideas and most importantly our experiences of challenging relationships on this website.

All of us now in our early to late thirties, when it comes to relationships we’ve seen it all. The good times. The great times. And, the times we’d rather forget.

From dating to marriage to breakups and patching up relationships, there’s almost nothing that between us we haven’t personally experienced in some way, shape or form.

We’re all in agreement though, that one of our most frustrating personal challenges has been that of breakups, and also of mending the relationships where possible.

Over time with seemingly endless discussion (and coffees, wines and probably too much chocolate) and no small amount of tears, we came to figure out the best methods and techniques of turning a broken relationship into one that can not only come back together again but can also move on to new strengths and wonderful shared experiences.

And so this website was born such that we could share our experiences and hard-earned knowledge with the world.


All the best in life, love and happiness.

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